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With the Violin


Nice - France in 1977

This was my first international tour with the Venezuelan National Youth Orchestra in the Summer School in the Académie Internationale d'Eté Nice - France in 1977.

In the picture I am the youngest one with Maestro Hervé Le Flog and my partners of violin 2 section.

Colonia Tovar (Venezuela)

I Simposium of String Cuartets in 1978 with the tutouring of Portland String Cuartet.

In the picture lesson with Ronald Lantz

Colonia Tovar 1977 (2).jpg

Caracas  (Venezuela)

After a Summer Camp in Caracas

with Ms. Margaret Pardee, her husband

and my wife Anna DAddona

This picture is very special for me,

was taken in my Soloist Concert tour with

Lara Symphony Orchestra

in the Campos de Jordao Festival

Brasil 1986

Rehearsing the Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3

with Munich Youth Orchestra

and Jordi Mora Conducting

Cervera - Spain

Masterclass with Yossi Zivoni in Caracas - Venezuela

Masterclass with Josef Gingold

Indianapolis - USA

After e rehearsal with Henryk Szering

Caracas - Venezuela

Playing an Erju (Chinese Violin)

Beijing - China

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