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With friends...

With my Maestro and friend Jose A. Abreu and Gustavo Dudamel in Caracas Venezuela

In the rehearsal conducting to my friend Laurentius Dinka and my wife Anna D´Addona

With my dear friend Gustavo Dudamel and Maestro and friend Sung Kwak in Seoul South Korea

with Abad Ellegast Burkhard after the premier of my work

¨Hôre und neige das Ohr deines Herzens¨ dedicated to him

Con Richard Galeano2.jpg

With Richard Galliano y Thomas Leleu after the World Premiere of  "Fables of Tuba" with Marseille Philharmonic Orchestra (Marseille - France March 8, 2013)

Mrs. Pardee0011_edited.jpg

With my dear friend and proffesor

José Francisco del Castillo in Barquisimeto - Venezuela

Con Maurice Hasson.jpg

With my dear friend Maurice Hasson after a brilliant concert he played in Barquisimeto - Venezuela


With my dear friend Benjamin Zander in Boston - USA

With my Maestro and friend Rony Rogoff

With my wife Anna D`Addona and Maestro

and friend Mario Benzecry and Titina Benzecry

During a concert with my friend Michael Ladenburger

President of the Beethoven House Museum

With Jamie Bernstein and my son Tarcisio Barreto D´Addona

after the rehearsal of West Side Story in Barquismeto Venezuela

After the World Premiere of Convergences of

Jean P. Vanbeselaere and Marseille Philharmonic

with Hans Nickel and Thomas Leleu (Soloist oft the concert)

After conducting the concert with my dear friends

Edicson Ruiz and Angelica Olivo

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